System Adis

Excitation & Demodulation Unit

Excitation & Demodulation UnitThe Excitation – Demodulation unit, along with the Spoiler Transducer, Function Module and Summing Amplifier, form part of the Spoiler – Tail Plane compensation system of the Jaguar Aircraft.

  • Unit used in monitoring the Aircraft Spoilers at Aircraft Wing

  • Works along with the Spoiler Transducer, function module and summing amplifier to form part of the spoiler–tail plane compensation system of the Aircraft.

  • Compact rugged unit suitable for Airborne applications

  • Termination of I/Os with 3 MIL grade connectors, suitable for direct mating with Aircraft connector

  • Operates from available 28V DC Power Supply (external)

  • Enclosure made of aluminum for strength and Light Weight

  • The unit is a low power consumption unit (average 120mA)