System Adis

Low Altitude Audio Warning System

Low Altitude Audio Warning SystemThe Low Altitude Audio Warning System (LAAWS) is a compact, ruggedised unit which is meant for use in Aircrafts in order to provide a suitable warning under low altitude conditions of flights.

  • The LAAWS is used in JAGUAR Aircraft.

  • Compact rugged unit suitable for Air-borne applications

  • Enclosure made of Aluminum for strength and Light Weight

  • Terminations of I/Os on MIL grade 10 pin connector, suitable for direct mating with Aircraft connector Facility for storing required audio warning messages through external microphone

  • Facility for direct interface to head phones

  • Message duration of up to 60 seconds

  • Replay of messages on condition of warning trigger signals (external) with isolation (optical)

  • Operates from available 28V DC power supply (external)