System Adis

PC Based ADR Replay Unit

PC Based ADR Replay UnitADR (Accident Data Recorder) Replay System is an indigenous product designed to extract the LCA flight parameters stored in the ADR. The system comprises of a PC / Laptop, Front-end software and a Microcontroller based ADR interface unit. These sub-systems communicate through an RS-232 link. The ADR interface unit performs ADR diagnostics, controls ADR motor speed, extracts data and transfers it to the front-end. Efficient bit lock and frame lock techniques are employed in the data extraction process. The front-end is windows based software, which initiates all the functions of ADR interface unit, displays and stores the data.


  • Efficient data capture in 1X, 4X and 10X speeds

  • Audio replay in 1X speed

  • DAU data capture facility

  • Online display of flight parameters in terms of engineering values or raw counts

  • User friendly data presentation formats

  • ADR diagnostics

  • AC Mains operated

  • Built in biphase-m simulator for testing the bit synchronizer and frame

  • Synchronizer in 1X, 4X and 10X bit rates

  • User configurable frame sync Parameters

  • Modular design to meet requirements of similar applications