System Adis

SLD19200A: Asnchronous Line Driver

Type Stand Alone
Mode Asynchronous
Speed 9600 bps
Distance (at 9600 bps) 4 Kms
Optical Isolation Provided
Lightning Protection Provided
Interface V.24 / RS232C
Transmit / Receive Mode Differential
Bit Error Rate 1 bit / million
Common Mode Rejection 2500V / 50Hz
Front Panel Indication TXD,RXD,CTS,RTS,DTR,ST (Self Test), LDR (Line Driver Ready)
Rear Panel 4 position terminal block Power Switch, Power Cord, Fuse, 25 Pin female Connector
Casing Provided
Recommended Cabling for interconnection 2 pairs of twisted wire, foil shielded 22 gauge
Power 230V AC, 50Hz ,  ±10%
Temperature 0 to 50° C
Humidity 0 to 90% (non-condensing)
Weight One Kg.