System Adis

Computed Tomography System

  • Computer Tomography is a technique whereby a collimated X/Gamma Ray Beam passes through the object and attenuation measurements are made through many angles. These measurements are stored and fed to image reconstruction Algorithms to generate cross-sectional images representing a 2-D slice of the plane through the object.

  • CT is a first time technology with discrete detectors. The CT systems was designed and developed as a PC based system with 4 channels merged onto one for data representation.

  • The system has a client-server configuration and consists of a 3-axis object manipulator which is PC based and independently controlled. The electronics for data collection contains the 4 detectors tuned with pre-amplifiers, the MCA and ADC card, High voltage unit and shaping amplifiers.

  • The system is controlled through a powerful dedicated software developed in Visual Basic. The software has various user option as per the user / test programme.