System Adis

Terminal Interface Card (TIC)

Terminal Interface Card (TIC) is used in NETWORK ACCESS DEVICE for Point of Sale Terminals. Each TIC will be serving as a dial-up access device to interface to the WAN. POS terminals are involved in communicating with host computers for getting authorizations, uploading batch transactions. They also communicate with other types of download software for downloading their application software programs. The access device will support both these functions.

The terminals (POS) will dial in via telephone lines. The TIC houses a built in modem, which will answer calls and establish connectivity with the terminal modem. The terminal will always terminate the connection. However, the modem must hang-up when instructed to do so by the access controller. The TIC is provided with a seven-segment LED display on the front panel to display the status of the card and LED’s to indicate data transmit and receive conditions and carrier detect.