System Adis

Data Logger For Rail Tester

Data Logger for Rail Tester

  • 16 bit micro controller based

  • Bus-based structured construction having Single Euro modules & passive back plane to accommodate up to 6 additional modules apart from CPU module.

  • Memory module containing EPROM based firmware capability, Static RAM for temporary storage and Flash RAM up to 1 MB for storing the rail flaw data.

  • Facility to acquire Digital Inputs from the rail tester and send to memory for storing.

  • I/O interfaces include 16 x 2 backlit LCD, Keyboard, Internal 24 column printer, external 80 column printer, Serial RS-232C port.

  • Operation from in-built 12V maintenance free battery with DC-DC Converter and facility for charging from 230V.

  • Firmware capable of providing all the required functions like digital input acquisition, storing, transfer to PC, display on LCD, print on 24 column printer, etc.