System Adis

Track Recording System

Upgradation of Electronics for Track Recording CAR

  • Measurement of the Track parameters – primary and derived

  • Facility to run chords on the absolute profile and analyse the chord data, using the mid chord offset method.

  • Display of salient data on-line and transfer of data for storage

  • Utilising route tape data for correlation of track geometry with the ground features.

  • Facility to synchronise the car with the ground using Automatic Location Detectors.

  • Facility for enable/disable of data recording

  • Digital Display of Speed at pre-defined locations.

  • Diagnostic and simulation facility for maintenance & calibration purpose.

  • Capable of recording vertical & lateral acceleration peaks and identifying events with respect to transducer which detected the flaw

  • Facility to input data like Run No., Date, Time, Railway, Train No., Line No., Vehicle No., Start Km., Run Speed, Speed Limit, Route electrified or not etc.,

  • Power Supply through Uninterruptable Power Supply to ensure no loss of data due to power breakdown.