System Adis

PC Based Oscillation Monitoring System

PC Based Oscillation Monitoring System

  • Records the parameter (occurrence of defects with reference to Accelerometer)

  • Capable of recording vertical & lateral acceleration peaks and identifying events with respect to transducer which detected the flaw

  • Facility to input data's like Run No., Date, Time, Railway Zonal Name, Section Name, Train No., Up / Down line status, Start Km., Run Speed, Speed Limit, Electrified or not etc.,

  • Graphical / Digital Display indicating the data being recorded with respect to Time / Distance

  • Provision for Off-line printing the stored data.

  • Event Marker (GUI) for operator to input the ground features

  • Internal battery power (rechargeable) for field operation

  • Monitor of battery voltage

  • Battery backed-up Real Time clock with Calendar

  • External Power Supply-cum-Battery Charger